A Blog for an Automotive Parts Company


Lack of doing user research before the blog was created.

To drive customers to the eCommerce site. 

Project Scope

An automotive parts company that I worked at, wanted to create a blog to drive traffic to their eCommerce site. However, this was the first time they created something like this and weren't sure what customers would think of it or if it would even complete the goal of driving customers to the website. I was asked to take the blog to a store and do some usability testing with customers in the store.  

Research Questions

1.) Would customers use a blog to help them with their automotive parts need?
2.) Would the design and content be helpful to our customers?
3.) How do they currently find what they need? 


Once the research was completed, I wrote a report with my findings and recommendations, which I submitted to the blog team. It was found that the current design was not usable and would not help accomplish the goal for the blog. The team went back to the drawing board. One of the most interesting things that I found out was that some of the customers didn't know how to use a laptop and expected it to be a touch screen. I asked them why and they said they exclusively use either their smartphone or tablet. 

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