Redesigning a Gaming Accessory Site

Problem: The site didn't have any user research throughout the design process. 


Once the redesign was released, a heuristic evaluation was conducted. Also, Hotjar was used to create heatmaps, recordings, and collected feedback. Once the data was collected, several issues were found. In order to fix these issues, card sorting and a tree test were performed to fix the navigation and organization of the website. Once that data was collected from those two tests, a sitemap was created and the taxonomy was identified. Then prototypes were created with possible designs for mobile and desktop, that fixed the issues in the initial research.


Using OmniGraffle, a sitemap was created to have a visual of the new navigation for the site. I tested the tree tested the sitemap using Optimal Workshop to verify that this made sense to the customers. 

HyperX Sitemap_edited.jpg


A taxonomy was created for helping with the search and organization of filters.

Taxonomy .jpg


Finally, prototypes were created for mobile and desktop, which can be viewed here:

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