Researching a Site for Cancer Patients  

Problem: Lack of a resource for cancer patients going through treatment or who have just finished treatment to help them through the side effects. 

Project Scope

The company I was working for at the time, was hired by a government agency to create a website that would help cancer patients and patients that had just finished treatment, deal with the side effects of treatment. The methods that we used was three rounds of usability testing. Two of those rounds were in-person using people who worked for the company and the last round was remote with participants who were going through treatment or who had just finished. 

Research Questions

1) Does the site achieve the goal of being useful to cancer patients and those that have finished treatment?

2) Would the site be a resource for them to find out side effects of treatment or would they go to another site for those answers? 



Each round a PowerPoint with findings and recommendations was created and distrubted to the project team.

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