Steeletto an Online Magazine

Problem: Not enough positive influence in the media for women


Process: Before I started designing the magazine, I started interviewing women to see if there was a need for this magazine, what they thought of the message the media was telling them, and if they would like to see a magazine like this. I then took that information and created the sitemap. I zigzagged through the UX process on this project because I wanted to make sure what I was putting out there was exactly what was needed at the time.  Once the sitemap was created, I started to sketch wireframes of what the magazine would look like and went back to the women I initially interviewed to see what they thought of the possible designs. I took that feedback and created Steeletto.


I created a wireframe to figure out what the design of the homepage would be.

Final Design

Using Dreamweaver, I created the site and used the same design for the homepage as the wireframe.


Feedback: When the first issue was released, I received positive feedback from friends, family, and from strangers. They all said they loved what they magazine stood for and couldn’t wait to read more. I released one more issue and again received positive feedback. I did a redesign of the front page of Steeletto, but didn’t release an issue with the new homepage because I couldn’t find enough people to write for me.

©2017 By Rebecca Deitch